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World Class Monitoring of Progress OpenEdge Databases

In today's information-driven, cost-conscious business environment, your company relies on 24x7x365 access to mission-critical data.

The DBAppraise team of experienced Progress OpenEdge database administrators provides these services:

  • Monitoring, administering, and tuning your database environments
  • Rapidly responding to down database situations
  • Ensuring backup and recovery of databases
  • Preventing database outages
  • Working directly with your staff and vendors to solve database issues

With the ever-increasing amount of data that your company acquires, the complex database administration issues that you face, and the variables that affect your Information Technology infrastructure performance, in-house monitoring of your data management system can be expensive, personnel-intensive, and time-consuming.

DBAppraise allows you to outsource as much (the full DBA function), or as little (perhaps you just need "a second set of eyes"), of the DBA function as you need while improving the robustness and reliability of your systems.

DBAppraise is different from "on demand" consulting because:

  • We are in the business of prevention.
  • We are continually involved and know your business.
  • Which lets us hit the ground running when there is an issue.
  • With historical data and analysis to support informed decisions.

Everyone at DBAppraise has at least 20 years experience. You will never get someone "wet behind the ears" working on your mission critical system. With DBAppraise you get the most experienced experts in the Progress business for a predictable, low fixed cost.

We're here for you. Now. Before you need us.

Technician examining layout
“When I need somebody to address the back end issues (of Progress®), Tom Bascom is one of the few professionals that I'd really trust.”
– Arthur Fink, Owner, Arthur Fink Consulting
“Hands-down THE expert in Progress databases and (in my case) the SCO Unix platform we had. I would trust Tom with root access to any system we have, any problem we had, heck....with anything IT related. He's that good – And I'm very picky!”
– John Flick

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